Successful CNC production can’t be imagined without CAD-CAM technology. Software, our experienced CAD-CAM specialists and cutting-edge Hermle 5 axis milling centres guarantee extreme precision and realize even the most complex requirement in the shortest possible time frame.


Elcon Geraetebau continually invests into newest technology and our production area is 4500 m2 in size. We own 55 CNC milling machines and 19 CNC turning machines. The materials we mostly use are aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, brass, steel and copper.
Throughout the entire production process our Quality Control Department, in collaboration with the production staff, measures the parts to make sure everything is accurate and to confirm the overall quality of the final product. Elcon can guarantee the precision of up to 0.005 mm and some of the machines we use for quality control are:
  • 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • 3D coordinate measuring machines Hexagon Micro Hite 3D Brown & Sharpe
  • high-precision measuring projectors for very small parts
  • surface treatment measuring equipment.

Trained quality control staff, continuous investments in measuring equipment and elaborate control and measuring process all contribute to the overall quality of the final product. We are proud to be listed as top-quality supplier with all our customers.

In collaboration with our suppliers in Croatia and abroad, we offer various types of surface treatments for parts produced in Elcon. If needed, certain surfaces can be additionally processed by our suppliers after surface treatment. We can organize any type of surface treatment, but the most common ones are:

- anodizing

- hard anodizing

- chroming (Surtec 650)

- varnishing

- browning

- coloring

- electropolishing

- galvanizing

- nickel plating

Elcon has more than 15 years of experience in assembling parts into units. Today, we produce and assemble 10 or so different units which are mostly used in optical measurement devices, medical equipment, lasers, microscopes and similar equipment.
Besides quality, the most important competitive factors on the market are price and delivery time. With that in mind, we offer fast and reliable delivery, including kanban delivery and consignment warehouses on our site or the client’s. Furthermore, our cargo vans travel to Germany and Austria twice a week and we have contracts with all major delivery companies. Advantages of kanban delivery and consignment warehouses on client’s site are:
  • reduced cost of paperwork and administration

  • reduced cost of production (and therefore the final product)

  • lack of warehousing cost

  • continuous quality control

  • delivery on the preferred date, directly to the assembly if needed

  • reduced cost of transport.


0-24 h
production hours: 0-24 (when necessary)

5 +
partnership with all major delivery companies (TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, Schenker, etc.)

100 t+
warehouse of production material with the capacity of more than 100 t

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